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On the Home Page in my course, I have written, "Click on the Week to Begin Your Journey" and then I have put pictures of each week of learning. How do I "link" these photos so that when the students click on them they are automatically directed/taken to that week?

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Community Coach

Good morning,  @r0mans828 ...

Assuming that when students click on the pictures in your course...those links should take them to other pages of content in your course...you can use the following Guide: How do I insert links to course content into the Rich Content Editor using the Content Selector as a....  The only difference for you compared to this Guide is that you will be clicking on the picture when editing your page instead of highlighting text to make as a link.  After you save you page, you should be able to click on the picture, and it should take you to wherever you pointed it to in your course.

I hope this helps, Barbara.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this.  Stay safe, and be well.

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