Have Mathquill in Fill in the Blank Question?

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In Classic Quizzes I could do this:

347194_Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 10.27.16 AM.png

In New Quizzes, it doesn't seem to have this feature. It can do it for the stem, but not the statement. I did find out that pasting the latex code will show the faction in my item bank view, but not when used in a quiz. Now, typing it as 5/2 isn't so bad, but if I made it an equation (e.g., finding the integers that 5/2 + 2/3 is between), that can look messy.


In Classic Quizzes I even made multiple paragraphs with multiple blanks and had math equations, I would hate not to be able to do that. 


I am not asking for students to be able to enter formulas, I am asking if I can have them as part of the answer.