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The teachers in my department collaborated to create a centralized repository of resources for our students as a standalone course.  We would like to create a link from each of our courses to this repository of resources.  I would like to know what is the best way of linking our courses to the 'Resources course.'  Is there a specific way to define the resources course so every student in our courses that needs materials defined in the Resources 'page'  has access to the content?  Can we just do a link to the course URL?  

We were advised to use an enroll link to the resource course, but we are concerned that students will find it confusing to end up with an 'enroll' button in the middle of accessing course materials.  Is there a way to do this so it is seamless to our students. 

Any guidance you can provide will be very useful.

Thank you.


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If you go to the settings in the resource course and set it to have a visibility of "Institution", then students can access the course content without needing to enroll in the course.  By setting it to "Institution" it makes it so all users that are logged in can access the course.  Users would need to enroll in it if there are any interactive elements you expect them to complete (discussion boards, assignments, quizzes, etc.).

We did this and added a link to the resource course as a module item in a Resources module for all of our blueprints.  This then gets copied out to all courses when we load our course content with blueprint syncs.  Since we only use it to share information and students aren't submitting anything, there is no need for them to enroll.

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