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I am having multiple issues and I have no idea how to get them resolved.

1. Students cannot reset their password. They click to reset password, and it does nothing. No email comes back. Not even in their spam/junk folder. 

2. Students can login at my school, but it will not let them login at home. They need to be able to login at home so we can stay on schedule. Right now, only about 4 students out of 36 can successfully login at home.

3. Because of the password reset issue, I have removed two student from the class (which erases all their grades), sent new invites, and they still can't log in. 


I'm very frustrated with this, and I can't find a a way to get support or a clear answer on this. I feel these are issues that need to be addressed by the admins of Canvas. Does anyone know how to actually get support from the Canvas company? Thanks -

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Community Coach

Hi there @CSIMultimedia. Most folks use Canvas through an institutional subscription, such as one for their specific college, school district, company, etc. Because of this, you will likely have a Canvas admin specific to your school that we here in the global Canvas community wouldn't be able to help you find. They usually work in eLearning, IT, or something similar. They would be the person to contact, as every school does their login system a little bit differently and they will be able to best speak to how students should be logging in/resetting passwords for your specific school. 

Since you are working for a school, I am assuming this is likely the case for you, but you might be using a Free-for-teachers Canvas account, which would make things a little different. I would recommend having students go through the following guides if they haven't already:

You can also contact the Canvas support team - How do I contact Canvas Support? 

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