Making Appointments with Scheduler on the Calendar

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I am trying to make it possible for my students to schedule appointments. When I go to the calendar, I can create events, but there is no option to create an "Appointment Group".  I assume this is because Scheduler is not enabled, how do I enable it?

P.S. I do not know how to contact an Admin. I am using the free version (maybe that's the issue?) because I am not in a school.  

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Community Coach

Hi @MichelleC1,

I do think you've already identified the issue.  The  Canvas Account Comparison - Instructure Community  document shows that the "Calendar Course Appointment Scheduler" feature is not available in the Free for Teacher Canvas.

Sorry I don't have better news, but I hope this at least provides a solid answer to your question.  I'm going to mark this as the "solution" as that helps us track which questions have been answered, but you can always add a reply if you have more questions on this topic.


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