Making group discussions visible to the entire class

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I have an instructor that splits her class into groups and has them discuss among themselves. She wants to know if there is a way that, after the discussion has taken place, she can open the group discussions up where everyone in the class can see each group's board and responses. I initially thought we could accomplish this by unchecking "This is a Group Discussion" in edit mode, but once there are replies you cannot do that.

Does anyone have an idea of how we can accomplish this without too much work on the instructor's part?

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Community Coach

Unfortunately there isn't a way to open a group discussion up for the whole class. 😞

As for a way to do this... right off the top of my head I can't think of a good way other than having individual discussions for each group, use differentiate tool, and then after it's over open them up to everyone in the class to view and/or comment. 

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Could you simply print the discussion to a PDF format and share it with the whole class?  This could work if your discussions are text-based, versus video discussion posts.  Would that meet your instructor's needs?

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