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I tried to install Microsoft Teams meetings LTI using this Client ID (879209990040549), but Canvas couldn't find an LTI configuration ID of this like. I got this from @codytitmus post ( Can someone help me to find the correct Client ID?


Thank you.

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@rlcarballo ...

Wondering if you've had a chance to look at this newer integration for Microsoft Teams Meetings and Canvas?  We currently have the integration that Cody describes configured in our Canvas environment, but it really only puts a link on page to a Teams meeting.  The newer integration is sort of like the Zoom LTI integration with a nice user interface you can use to schedule your Teams meetings.  Here is a page full of information about it ... along with a couple other Teams things:

Partner Listing: Microsoft Education - Instructure Community (

I have been working with someone from our IT staff to try and get this newer integration installed in our Canvas environment.  Our IT guy has had to do some things on his end for Teams in order for us to get things set up in our Canvas environment.  We're not quite set up yet, though.  Trying to do some testing first so we know how things work.

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@rlcarballo Just FYI that the client ID is unique to each institution so I don't think anyone will be able to tell you what yours is.  It will come from your Microsoft environment and your Canvas instance.  Some information is in your Microsoft Tenate so someone with Admin access to that will need to be involved and then some is in your Canvas instance so someone with Admin access to that will need to be involved.  In our case, that was two different people so we sat next to each other and went through the setup.

Hope this helps!


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