How do I add external people into CANVAS?

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My pharmacy school students will be working with external hospitals, clinics, and doctors.

Is it possible to add these individuals (hospitals, clinics, and doctors ) to canvas using their personal emails? eg gmail, company email, hotmail

My goal is to allow the doctors to share interesting content with the students or provide personal feedback on the student's performance.

These individuals (doctors, clinics, and hospitals) do not have a canvas account like the students. Is it possible to create an external canvas account for them?

Thank you very much!

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@Brenda2525 Yes, any account can be added to Canvas.  The trick is, they need to be added as a user to Canvas (something your Canvas Admin will do) and then they can be added to individual courses in the desired role.  

We do this all the time for the exact same reason and something you will want to pay attention to is the role you give them in the course.  If they will have any interaction with students (so the TA or Teacher roles) you may want to have some sort of FERPA paperwork they sign.  We have a process with HR depending on the level of interaction they will have with students.  If they just need access to content, you can make them an Observer or Designer in the course.

Hope this helps!


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