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Missing / Late Work Reports

I see that I can easily run a report, using the New Analytics, for the students in my classes (those that I teach), however I am able to run a report for students in my study skills course, for their individual courses?

In other-words, I have the ability to view any student's list of courses and grades for those courses, but to see what is missing, in each class, I need to "click and view" each and every course in which they are enrolled. 
Am I able to run a report, for all of their enrolled courses, at one time, for missed / late work?  I spend a lot of time looking at each students list of courses (high school = at least 6 courses per student).  
When I can easily see all "missing" assignments and run the report, it would allow me to have a list of what students can/should be working on during the assigned study period, without a lot of wasted "looking" at my end.

Thank you, Janet P.

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