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Missing generate pairing code

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My child does not have the generate pairing code option as outlined in all FAQ docs and how-to video and therefore as a parent I'm unable to add child to parent-canvas.  Please advise. 

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Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the pairing code.

According to the FAQ document on pairing codes (which it sounds like you read)

There is the following:

Who can generate pairing codes?

Pairing codes can be generated by a student or on behalf of a student by another user with the appropriate permission. Once generated, the pairing code can only be used to link the student who created the code or had the code created on their behalf. Additional pairing codes must be created for each student that will be linked to an observer.

Pairing codes are only available to users at institutions that have enabled self registration. If your institution has not enabled self registration and you need assistance linking an observer to a student, reach out to your institution for assistance.

from the bold part above, it sounds like your child does not have the self registration enabled.  Therefore, you need to contact the school for information on how to get the pairing code.


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