Moderate Quiz not an option - why?

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I'm puzzled - thanks in advance for reading.

I am a Canvas admin at my institution. My husband is a professor at another institution so I can see the difference in their instance vs. ours. For example, for whatever reason, at his school, he cannot create a new Canvas course. He also doesn't have access to fill out his profile.

Anyway, he would like to be able to see how much time each student spent on a quiz, information that is available on the Moderate Quiz page. BUT Moderate Quiz isn't an option for him and I can't figure out why. 

The class in which he's like to see how much time each student spent on a quiz has ended, but I don't think that's the issue - I checked my own instance and even for courses in which the term or course date has ended, Moderate Quiz is still an option for me as an admin and for the instructor (if I masquerade as them).

What am I missing? Any ideas? Thanks again for reading.