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Moderated grading, custom grades and student feedback


I'm still fairly new to Canvas and I am hoping I don't make a fool of myself with this question.

If moderated grading is used with two graders, one grader acting as a first marker and the other grader acting as a second marker, both graders can add in-text annotations, comments and a grade to submitted work.  During moderation, the final grader can then input a third mark (custom grade) which will on posting be available to students.

Can I just check, if the moderator adds a custom grade and does not add additional in-text annotations or comments, is there any way of making the intext-annotations and comments added by the grader (who was the 1st marker) available to students?

I could be missing a trick here but from what I have tried, if a custom grade is added during moderation, then no feedback is made available to students unless the final grader/moderator adds additional comments.  Is this correct?

What I am trying to work out is whether it is possible to cater for a situation where one grader (1st marker) provides feedback and awards 78%, another grader (2nd marker) awards 68%, and the moderator then awards say 72% as a custom grade.  In such a case, we might want the student to still see the feedback added by either or both of the original graders.  But it appears to me that once a custom grade is added during moderation, only feedback added by the final grader is made available to students.  Is this correct or am I doing something wrong (which is more than possible).




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Hi Steve,

I have the same question/ problem. In English (Language Arts) we double mark everything. Our system (just like state level here NSW, Australia) is to have the first marker mark the paper and provide extensive comments, the second marker then comes in and reads through the paper and comments and add the mark that they would give it without adding comments. The moderator then reads both and makes a judgement about where the mark sits, usually in between.  When the moderator chooses a mark that isn't the first marker, the students don't get the feedback. Canvas can we please have the ability to select which feedback we would like the student to receive and just change the mark?


Kind Regards,


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