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Hi! We've tried to Moderate New Quizzes to give additional time to students while they are taking the test, but it does not seem to work. Does anybody know a way around for this? 

Also, is it possible to edit questions' correct answers once the studens have taken the test? 


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Hi @GonzaloCortes 

If you literally mean you tried to add time after the student had already begun the quiz, that might be the issue.  Accommodations need to be setup beforehand.  "Moderation timer settings will not be applied to an assessment attempt that is currently in progress." From, How do I moderate a student's assessment attempt i... - Instructure Community (

Here is the guide to learn how it should be setup for extended time. How do I add assessment accommodations for a stude... - Instructure Community (

You can edit questions after students have taken the quiz, see this guide. How do I regrade an assessment question in New Qui... - Instructure Community (

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