Module Copy to vs Course Export

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I'm curious to know about the pros and cons of using the "copy a module to" function versus using the canvas export package.


This is my third year using Canvas and my course content varies from year to year. I teach year-long high school science classes that are divided into two semester course shells. Each semester ends up with an independent course shell. My canvas course list contains a course development shell and all the previously taught course shells. Now that I have several semester based iterations of the classes I teach, it's getting to be a bit onerous to sort through the past courses and decide what to export/import from each into my most current semester long course shell.


I thought I'd try out the "copy module to" function  (here's the community guide link). I'm gathering all the past modules I've used in my course development shell. My thought is that if I do that, I can have one single course export to use for the current, published courses.


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