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Most common complaints/concerns from faculty and students?

Hi Everyone,

We (at SDSU) are in the middle of the Canvas pilot and are developing resources to share with our users to help during this potential transition. 

We wanted to reach out to see if any of the fine community members here have already compiled a similar list to help guide a pilot or migration.

In particular, we are looking for a list of any fears/complaints/concerns that your faculty and students have had in using the platform so that we can better address these through training and support.

If you have any resources to share, we would really appreciate it!



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @pdenman1 ...

I wanted to let you know that I have converted your Question to a Discussion.  A Question usually has one "correct" answer...where a Discussion is more open-ended and may have a variety of responses...none of which is necessarily "correct".  I assume that the responses you get will vary quite a bit from one school to another, so a Discussion is more appropriate for this kind of topic.  I hope this will be okay with you.  Good luck!

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Hi. Our district is transitioning to Canvas. Importing content from previous LMS is a huge issue. Time spent developing a course in a Canvas is the second largest issue. 

We’ve been overcoming these challenges by having Friday “lab” sessions, plenty of PD, as well as hands-on 1-1 sessions. We still have teachers going off on tangents, getting distracted with features they believe that they must have, and there are issues in new quizzes we hope will be solved soon (image file names can be seen by students). 

Students and parents are becoming the main driver towards greater adoption. The course content helps parents stay on top of their teens and keeps the “no homework “ statements to a minimum. 

I hope this helps. 

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Something I really hate is the Speed Grader. The concept is good. Just ignore the fact it is quite buggy (I usually use a stylus to write directly and I never finished grading one assignment without issues.) But the most irratating part is that it does not save annotation by default. It is very stupid that one has to confirm each annotation and there is no reminder at all. Sometimes I graded half of the assignment and realized that nothing was saved. 

It is a terrible design fault. Since one can easily remove annotation, why one should confirm an annotation by default? I am not even sure it is a deliberate design feature or really just a bug. 

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I agree in full with samuel_cheng1 here. 

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