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Moving a student from one course to another course

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I have a student that our Counselor switched from my 3rd hour to my 4th hour mid term.  My question is how would I move them between courses where all their assignments move as well?  When I set up my courses, I wasn't aware you could have different sections of the same course.  

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@LisaHilburn ...

If you have two completely different course shells in Canvas:


...when you move a student from one course to another, none of the student work (discussion replies, quiz submissions, assignment submissions, etc.) are moved from one course to another.  If you would re-enroll the student in the original course, then all that submitted work should reappear for you.

One option that your school might consider is cross-listing courses.  This should typically be done before the semester/term starts and not during.  Cross-listing takes two or more courses and combines them together.  It does not move only moves enrollments from one or more courses into another course.  You can still see the students separated by section when you go to your "People" page, however.  Cross-listing is usually done by your school's local Canvas administrator, so you might want to have a conversation with that person at your school to see if this is a possibility.  When I was a Canvas administrator at my previous employer, we sometimes had to cross-list two or more courses together, and it worked well for the instructors' needs.  For example, an instructor might have three sections of "Basics of Tent Camping" that he is teaching, and he wants the three courses cross-listed together so that all students are in one course shell ... yet they are still separated by section.  These are the Guides Canvas administrators can use:

I hope this will help a bit.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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