Need to retrieve deleted GRADED assignment for an entire class

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When cleaning up a course import for next semester, I accidentally deleted an already graded assignment for my class and I need to recover their submitted work.

I already know and have already done  /undelete at the end of my course homepage url and the assignment did go back into the course, but just as an assignment item in the gradebook. It is missing the students' submissions! It just went back in as an assignment, but no prior submitted work for those students. I need to see their work. How can I retrieve???

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Yikes!!  If this JUST happened I would say QUICK -- contact your Canvas Admin -- you may need to put in a ticket to Canvas Support to help you and *maybe* revive it for you.    Or if your Canvas Admin has access to a Test Instance or Beta Instance, they could check there to see the info.  It's possible they can see the info if not too much time has passed and take screen shots or download info for you, at a minimum.

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