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Neutral comments html is too long, max length is 5120 characters

On some math problems in quizzes, I am using the "General answer comments" to provide students with an explanation of the solution.

I try to remain concise but often get the following message: "Neutral comments html is too long, max length is 5120 characters"

Why such a limitation? Any way I can override it?

Also wanted to report some buggy aspect of this error message:

  • If a question generates the "max length is 5120 characters" error upon clicking on "Update Question", the error disappears whether I remove or add anything to the comment before clicking "Update Question" (regardless of the length of what was added or removed).
  • Something frustrating is you're only warned about your comment being too long after you click on "Update Question", and if you do click on "Update Question"  while your comment is too long, it seems you lose all your latest edits!
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I also found this while adjusting a typo in the question itself----I did not change anything in the comments area. You're little workaround, however, has proven to be a useful fix for the time being, but something is definitely wrong as I am not touching the comments whatsoever.

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I have the same issue. Most of times, I could fix it by just deleting a line break. But sometimes, I have to take a screenshot of the comment and insert it as a figure, which makes further edits time consuming. 

I believe this is a bug. Is there any fix?

Community Member

just to say that I am having the same issue when entering a Table in the General Comment field.

Resizing the table very small does not seem to help.

The error message is not very helpful in indicating a way to fix the problem.

The Table's content plus any other text is 752 characters, so way below the 5120 highlighted in the message.