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New Quiz Print with Latex Not Working

When I try to print a new quiz with latex equations, only the first equation displays properly and the rest print as latex code.

I have attached the picture of the print preview showing the problem.  

I have tried to cancel and print again, but it will only print the first problem and not the entire quiz.

I have tried to rewrite the questions, but the problems still occurs. 

This problem has not occurred in previous years when I have printed quizzes with latex equations. 

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I just had an instructor report this to me, as well. Same thing exactly - only the first instance shows correctly and the rest shows as code. 

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HI having the same issue

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Suggestion: If you're affected by this, please report it to Canvas Support. (If "Report a Problem" first goes to your institution's Canvas admins, ask them to open a Service Cloud case about it.)

My guess is that this quiz-printing issue is a side effect of what's supposed to be a temporary measure involving the RCE in New Quizzes: Turning Off the New Rich Content Editor in New Quizzes 

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I too have noticed this problem. It started after first semester. I suspect an update caused the problem. I think if someone could slow the preview before printing it might give time for the equations to load.
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