New Quizzes Does Not Lock After Student Submissions

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I have looked for solutions to this online, but haven't found anything.  I was SHOCKED to learn that when locking a quiz in New Quizzes with available until dates does not prevent students from being able to access tests they have already taken.  The point of using Canvas for tests in my opinion, is not having to manually grade and review each test question with the entire class (takes too much time I dont' have).  Therefore, I always select that students can see their own responses as incorrect and then see the correct answers with them.  I assumed that once they saw this and exited out of the quiz that they would never be able to reopen that as the "available until" was always set to the end of the class period.  I was informed however that the students can open them up and see the whole tests at any time and that they were using them as "study guides".  The person in charge of Canvas issues at my school said that the "available until" only referred to when the students can actually take the quiz.  She said the only way to keep them from accessing the quiz after it is submitted is to not check any boxes so that they can't see anything after they hit submit.  That defeats the purpose in my opinion!  Is there another option that she missed?  Also, is there ever going to be a way to copy a New Quiz to a "Classic Quiz"?  I think that Classic was much more user-friendly and NEVER would have begun creating new tests in New Quizzes had my college not told us that Classic was being "phased out"?