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New Quizzes Question Groups

Can I use the questions group option in New Quizzes? In other words, can I set it up so different students get a different version of a question? I know I can randomize the order of questions and the order of answers, but how do I make it so individual students will get different questions? 

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Same question. This was an extremely valuable option for me. I use Canvas quizzes as an opportunity for students to practice problems. These quizzes give the students feedback (love the feedback option where I can give an explanation/solution for problems missed). When students retake the quiz they see a different problem and I can verify that the learned the technique rather than merely memorizing the correct answer.


I realize that "Item Banks" can be used like groups, but each of my quizzes may have 4-10 groups on it. This could make managing my item banks a nightmare. Would love to see a feature like "Groups" on the New Quizzes.

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