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New Quizzes is auto-grading Essay Questions; can I disable this?

I have students using the "New Quiz" as a sort of digital worksheet. I have a series of several "Essay" questions that I plan on grading, but my first student just completed the assignment and it automatically graded the essay questions and gave them 0 points. 

Is this a feature I can turn off? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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You can use posting policies to hide grades on the quiz until you have graded it.

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Posting policy is not adequate. I, too, have this problem and I'm not notified that I have a quiz to grade.  I need that notification as I have a self-paced course.

Grading New Quizzes ESSAY Questions..

I am having the same issue.  I need to know when an essay question has been submitted or resubmitted for me to grade rather than looking through 160+ assignments daily to see if something needs graded.  What happen to the orange dot that Classic Quizzes uses that indicates something needs graded?  New Quizzes needs this.  Canvas please fix this.  It is a huge issue and is making grading very difficult in Canvas.

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I also have this issue. After I give an auto-graded quiz in class, I want my absent students to be able to take the quiz later. However, since I've already put grades into our external grading system, I need Canvas to alert me when someone took the quiz later. In old quizzes, I would add an easy essay question to it and the quiz would then alert me to grade it. With new quizzes, I don't get that alert and it just gives the student a zero for the question. But the big problem is that I don't even know the student took the quiz and so they don't get a grade for it at all (since we use an external grading system).

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Alerts is yet another feature Canvas has taken away with new quizzes. The new quizzes are a real disaster. We can't export our content, we can't format fill in the blank questions, math formatting is not available in matching, and it's a secret when students submit quizzes.

New quizzes needs to go away.

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It's been 2 years since this question was first asked. Still automatically grading essay questions as a 0 and there is still no notification of a submission/ resubmission for quizzes. >:| 

Unbelievable, isn't it?

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