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No Evidence in Gradebook for Standards Based Learning

I would like to have a feature added to canvas that allows teachers to put "No Evidence" in the gradebook.  More and more school districts are leaving Canvas because it does not allow for Standards Based Grading input for the gradebook.  Since there is a nationwide push for equity in grading, school districts are moving towards Standards Based Grading.  To do this canvas should add a feature that allows for a teacher to put No evidence in the gradebook.

Also averaging grades in the gradebook is not standards based either.  I would love to speak with programmers about how to move the system to a more standards based approach since that is the trend in education.   

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If I understand you correctly, Canvas can do this, you need to use the Outcomes feature.  You can create outcome groups for each standard and then map the outcomes to rubrics in the assignment.  Create a "no evidence" option in the rubric (giving 0 marks), this will display in Marks (Gradebook).

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @MichelleGasser ….

In the event that the suggestion from @PaulSijpkes would not meet your needs, there is a separate place here in the Community to make suggestions (Feature ideas) like what you’ve posted above.  Check out these documents for more information:

Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this…thanks!

I understand that you can make a rubric in learning outcomes that says "no evidence" however that reports a score of zero for the gradebook.  A zero in the gradebook lowers the students overall score and is actually reporting out a behavior (does not turn in work on time).  In standards based grading you separate behaviors (not turning in work on time) from what the student can actually do.  In this case, no evidence should mean that the student is not capable of mastery on the standard even with help from the teacher.   This avoids the use of toxic zeros and allows for teachers to report out what a student actually knows versus were they compliant with the demands of the teacher and the class.

Thanks @MichelleGasser, yes this is an issue. We want to be encouraging and measuring learning not student behaviour.  A standards (Provided Evidence/No Evidence Provided)  based grading possibility would be fantastic. Rankings can be counter productive when students really just need practice to meet a particular standard of performance.