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No Quiz Log available


I need to check the quiz log of several students who say they kept getting kicked off a Canvas quiz during a remote exam this week. I want to verify this is true and figure out how much time to give them to complete the questions they didn't get to.

However, the quiz log is nowhere to be found. I've followed all instructions currently available on this Canvas Community website, tried it on Firefox and Chrome browsers, nothing. Does anyone have any tips on how to view the logs? Thanks in advance!


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Community Coach

Good morning, @KCS1983 ...

"Quiz Log Auditing" is actually a Feature Option that your school's local Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department would need to enable at the Canvas account level first.  It can be turned "OFF" for everyone, "ON" for everyone, or set to "ALLOW" which means that instructors would be able to turn it on in individual courses.  My guess is that it is either set to "OFF" for everyone or you need to turn it "ON" in your own "Feature Options".  Go to your course "Settings", and then your "Feature Options" tab.  Do you see a row with a toggle switch for "Quiz Log Auditing"?  If so, click on the toggle switch to turn it on (green).  If you do not see "Quiz Log Auditing", then you will need to speak to someone at your school who has administrator rights to your school's Canvas environment so they can turn this on for you and your colleagues.  If the administrator sets it to "ON", then there won't be anything more you'll need to do on your end.  If, however, your administrator sets it to "ALLOW", then you will need to enable it in your own "Settings" >> "Feature Options" tab within your course.  These two Guides will be of help to your Canvas administrator:

I hope this will help a bit.  Take care, stay safe, and be well.