No notifications for recycled announcements?!

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Every year, I import my Canvas course from the previous year into the new year's shell, and go through the announcements, deleting the ones that were specific to events last year and changing the release dates on the welcome and reminder announcements. This year, I got the following warning upon editing an announcement:

  • Editing an announcement will create a notification in the User Dashboard and Course Activity Stream. If you want users to receive the edited announcement via their notification settings, you will need to create a new announcement.

So, this means that students won't get notifications on my announcements if I recycle them from last year?! Has that always been the case?! 

What on earth is the thinking here? This really creates a metric ####ton of extra work setting up a course, to have to recreate every single announcement anew. There's no point in asking students to make sure their notifications are turned on for announcements, and setting up a slew of reminder announcements and timely tips, if the students won't receive the notifications anyway. If this has always been the behavior and only the warning is new, I guess it's no wonder they act like they haven't seen the reminders I've so carefully crafted and timed for them! 

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Hi @bsr, thanks for your question. The new warning you received was added as part of the Editing an Announcement Warning (2023-08-02) Deploy. In this case, the workflow did not change, however the warning message you saw now alerts instructors that when an editing an Announcement (including those that were used in a previous course,) users will not receive notifications of the update.  This should help to clarify when your students will not be sent Announcement notifications. 

There is an idea related to this: Add "Notify users that this content has changed" to Announcements, which has been added to an existing theme. I encourage you to add your comments to the idea, as well as Subscribe, so that if the theme becomes available in a future voting period, you will be able to share your feedback. I hope that helps! 

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