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I have a class where the instructor copied everything from one course into another. Something that did NOT copy was the profile picture associated with his Announcements. I copied some announcements from one into another and I'm seeing the same thing. In the picture, "Scheduled Announcment" was made fresh in the course while "Delayed Posting - 1:28 PM" and "Guest Lecturer February 23" were copied in.

I've tried editing the copied announcements to see if that pulls the profile picture but it does not. 

The profile picture is also not a part of the editable HTML code. Other than deleting and re-adding them, any other thoughts?

screenshot of missing profile picture with copied over announcements

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Many schools use a master-course model (or blueprint model) where a course is designed by an Instructional Designer, then is copied into course shells for each instructor for that course.  Since the ID isn't the instructor, their information is removed from course content when it's copied to prevent student confusion.  The only way to "fix" this is to copy the announcement content into a new announcement and post it.

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