Not Annotation Submissions but rather data entry submissions

Community Contributor

Annotated submissions are a great development and really open up the possibilities for assessing students.

However it raises the challenge of how we might undertake a similar form of assessment, but with data entry in a more structured form than annotation permits, the intention being to be able to control data entry quality and to recover the data as entered after the assignment has closed.

One way that we can currently do this is by setting up a table or html document in the structure and with the fields that we want.

  • The code is then presented, as preformatted text, in the instructions for a 'text entry' assignment.
  • The students are asked to copy the code into the text html view, and then return to normal view to complete the table/document before submitting
  • The submitted html pages can then be extracted via API and the data stripped out

Has anyone come up with a similar requirement or solution ?

On a related note, it would be useful to have a 'wiki' assignment at individual  student level (perhaps I've missed this somewhere, but no, I don't want to finagle this via a discussion assignment type). My key 'want' for a wiki assignment is that the student should be able to return to and edit the page multiple times before submission, and potentially after submission.

Text assignment upload could work in this way, but each time the student returns to the assignment they currently get a new RCE text area to upload to.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this ?