Not possible to leave feedback comments for students in SpeedGrader

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I can't see the box any longer - the box where you write the feedback comments for students in SpeedGrader. It has been like this the last week. I have never had that problem before and it is the same for my collegues when checking.

I am able to enter the students letter grades of the assignment, but no more. I can see the rubric, but is not able to enter any feedback or attach any files.

Anyone with the same problem? Any solutions? 
Looking forward to hear from you, thanks! 🙂

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Hi @AnnaAngser 

I just graded this week's submissions in my course, and was able to leave comments - the box was there, and I could type in it and save the comments.


It may just be that you are doing this with an unsupported browser, or it could be that you are using the Canvas Teacher App, and I have been hearing lots of noise about problems with this app since its most recent update.

If it is not your browser, then I would suggest submitting a support ticket.

I wish I had better news for you.


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