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I understand how to change notifications settings, as an instructor teaching three courses (over 100 students), I don't want to get an email every time a student completes an assignment. Which setting do shut off?


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Just go into your Account and then Notifications. Then turn off "All Submissions." 

As an instructor, I have turned off almost all notifications completely.  I only get notifications for "Conversations" and "Announcements." Those I get immediately. For all the others, I don't even bother with daily or weekly summaries. Anything I need to grade will pop up in my "To Do List."

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@CathyRath ...

In addition to the info you received from @SusanNiemeyer, keep in mind that there are notifications you can configure at your account level (so they would apply to all courses), and you can also configure them at the course level.  Here are Guides for both:

Hope this helps a bit!