Observer Access Limited to a Specific District Created Canvas Course


Our district has recently opened access to basically beta test the use of observer for parents (we are only letting certain teachers know about the change so they can do some videos for our teachers about how this looks specifically for our district).  However, one of my concerns is that parents will have access to all of the child's Canvas courses instead of just the one that a specific teacher has.  Because our Canvas courses are created/linked by PowerSchool and it is a district enabled/named course, it seems as if a parent has access to their child's Canvas account, then they would see all of the courses that child is enrolled in, even if their teacher doesn't use Canvas.  Is there a way that if a teacher is not using a Canvas course or they don't want parents to see the Canvas course, that they can restrict an observer access for their particular course?  This is kind've a make or break thing with some of our teachers because they are hesitant at this point to start using Canvas if parents can see what they are... or are not doing compared to other teachers.  Any insight into this would be great.  Thank you.