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I want my students to use a form that I created in Office365 to answer questions that go with a video. Can I create an assignment with it and then grade it within Canvas?

Also, I want to have my students use a PowerPoint template that I have created for a research project. Can I create an assignment with that and have them turn it in to me (as an upload or something) and then grade it within Canvas? 

If not, what are alternative ways to accomplish these two task types?

Thanks so much!! Smiley Happy 

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Community Team

Hi  @whittlkm ,

If Office 365 LTI has been set up for your institution as well as your course, you can create an Office 365 cloud assignment for both of those scenarios.

Cloud assignments allow you to embed a file created using Office 365 to your assignment and a copy of that document, powerpoint, etc. will be made for students to edit and submit to Canvas. You can then use Canvas to grade those submissions. For more details, check out the How do I create a cloud assignment with a Microsoft Office 365 file? guide. 


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