OneDrive & Fillable Forms

Community Novice


I am a new user. Here is what I would like to do:

I have a training form. Ideally I want to provide the form within Canvas, have students fill in the form within Canvas and submit me it. Is this possible?

I thought we could do this by uploading a file by selecting external submission and then choosing the desired file from OneDrive. However, Canvas only shows a few of my OneDrive files to choose from, and of course, the file I want to use is not appearing on my OneDrive upload options for some odd reason.

Then someone told me if I went this route the actual form would be saved with one person's personal info and the next person who needed to complete the training form would not receive a blank file???

For now I just have a link to the file so people can download, fill it in, and then upload it. However, this also means it is more likely people will not complete the task that is non-graded. 

Thanks for any suggestions,