Outcomes Report Functionality

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At my institution, we are moving to a competency-based mode of assessment for many of our courses and have started to use the outcome tool for individual courses. Our intention is to start adding outcomes at the sub-account level and tracking outcomes across a program, instead of just a course. However, there is an issue with the current means of creating and exporting the report that makes identifying proficiency of an outcome for a student more complicated than it needs to be.
At the moment, the outcomes report in Canvas has a column titled "latest score". It would be helpful if there was also a column (or ability to toggle the column) to read "highest score". Here is why:

If a student meets proficiency on an outcome on one assignment, but then does not meet proficiency on that same outcome on a later assignment, the outcomes report only shows the latest score. This is not helpful in seeing if a student has met proficiency "at some point".

If there was the ability to toggle the "latest score" column OR when the report is exported in excel to have the option to only extract the "highest score" that would increase the efficiency of this tool for a competency-based assessment framework. 
I hope you see the value in this request.
Thank you!
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