Overall percentage is not displaying in students view of grades

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I am the instructor. I can see it in my records, but my students told me today that they do not see their overall percentage. Is there something I can do to fix this? I checked all the guides and FAQs I could find. Thank you

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Hello, @SusanHagen! As the instructor, whether or not students can see their grade totals is part of your course settings. The following should allow you to set it so they can see those:

  1. Open your Settings page in your course from the left panel.
  2. In the Course Details page, scroll down until you see "more options". Click on that.
  3. Continue to scroll down and make sure that "Hide totals in student grade summary" is NOT checked. (It is checked in my screenshot below.)
  4. Save your settings, and the students should be able to see that final percentage!


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