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Overlays in Speedgrader visually blocking student work

I've been frustrated with these overlays in the Speedgrader that sit overtop student text submissions and block their work so I have to either use context clues or keep resizing my window to move the overlays' positions. Here's an example of what I'm referring to:


Is there a way to get rid of these from my end of things? 

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Hello @Elijah_Dow 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community! 

I was able to take a look at your linked image. It looks like those buttons you are seeing are some sort of third party accessibility LTI? Do you know if you or your institution has installed Readspeaker within Canvas? The buttons in the screenshot look very similar to their product. 

When you click on the play button, does it allow you to move the tool around by dragging and dropping it to a different area on the screen within Speedgrader?