PDF Slides Change While in BigBlueButton

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When we upload our PDF slides for BigBlueButton sessions, the slides will sometimes "glitch" and look different from the PDF version we have. In particular, random photos will rotate 90-degrees, the bullets will change to a different type of bullet, and/or random text will be highlighted yellow. This occurs randomly (i.e., doesn't happen on certain slides) and different changes happen at different times (i.e., photos will rotate on set of slides, then on a different PDF slide deck, random text will be highlighted yellow).

Does anyone have ideas of how to resolve this? We suspect it may be an issue with the file itself, but aren't 100% sure. We have contacted Canvas support but they don't have any guidance of what we can do.

We have tried:

  • Disconnecting VPNs
  • Changing web browsers
  • Reuploading the PDF
  • Reuploading it as a PPT file (which oftentimes makes it worse)
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