PDF files turn black in Student Annotation assignments

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When I post an assignment using the Student Annotation feature, my students experience their pdf files turning black.  This is happening to individual pages, not the entire pdf.  Example: page 2 of 5 is black, but the others are fine.  This is also happening to individual students throughout the day, not to everyone.

My colleague posts her assignments the exact same way - we walked through it step by step - and this doesn’t happen for her. I also contacted Canvas Support and they couldn’t find the problem.  Only suggested clearing  browser data for those students.  Sometimes this helps and sometimes it doesn’t.

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Hi @eperry4 !

I am sorry to hear your students are experiencing this issue!

I was able to access your case with Support and found the Support Agent had requested a screen cast of the behavior. This is going to be our next step in troubleshooting, so if you could respond to your Support case with that information, our awesome Support team will take the necessary measures to resolve this issue!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

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