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Students have expressed that they like having the most current module at the top of the page - however, if you are using pre-requisites, they disappear if I move the module to the top. We want students to progress in a linear format, but this seems to allow them to skip modules all together.


What are some solutions?

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@GenaJeselnik Module position determines which modules can be pre-requisites for other modules. Only earlier / higher-positioned modules can be pre-requisites for a given module. If using pre-requisites is desirable in the courses in question, then the best solution would be advising students to collapse all modules then expand the current module(s) to focus on them.

But pre-requisites are not always desirable. I typically think they are not necessary for courses that have regular meetings (on campus or online) for all students, because everyone will have the same current modules throughout the course. Self-paced courses derive greater benefit from modules having pre-requisites. If the courses in question have all students on the same pace (and the clue in you question - someone manually reordering modules - suggests they do), then a solution would be waiting to publish or unlock modules until they become the current module for everyone. At that time, someone can manually move it to the top and publish/unlock it.

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