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My class is a two semester course.  The content in the second term relies heavily on the knowledge acquired in the first term.  As the semester is winding down, I am aware that many students will not finish the course modules before the start of the new course. That being said, I have copied/repeated the last module of the first semester as the first module of the second semester to ensure that they receive this vital instructions.  However, I only wanted to make it required for the students who did not complete it the first time.  So that students do not have to do the assignments twice, is it possible to make the prerequisite the module from the previous course? This way the students have already completed in the fall term can skip it in the spring term. 

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Hi @mliebman 

You say it is a two semester course, are both semester classes in one Canvas classroom? If so, then you could set the duplicate module to require the first semester's original module. If not, then there is no way to do this in Canvas, Canvas classroom are fully independent.

However, you could differentiate the assignments in the second term so that they are only required for the students who did not complete the module the first time around - I'm guessing since you teach both terms, you will know who these students are. You could even add them to a group, and just assign the assignments in that module to thast group. These guides should get you there.......

I hope this is helpful,




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