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Can the ability to preview a full announcement be added?  I use LaTeX with my announcements and generally like to use the \( \) or $$ $$ to set off the equations rather than clicking through the add markdown / edit LaTeX directly.  The only issue is I cannot preview those announcements.  I have taken to publishing them to a group that is just me, then if it looks right, editing and publishing to the class.  That seems like a couple clicks too far  🙂

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Community Coach

You identified one solution, @DukeEgr93 to your question that works. Another is to schedule the announcement to a future date, which won't be visible to students. Then you'll only need to change the announcement date. I'm not sure how many clicks that will save compared to what you already do. 🤔

While these two options are both workarounds, you can also suggest that the ability to preview announcements be added to Canvas via the Canvas Ideas and Themes process.

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