Problem Switching Between Discussion Groups

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Hello fellow Canvas users!

Last week, instructors contacted me because they started receiving an error when switching between discussion groups. Here's a screenshot demonstrating an example. Let's say I wish to change from 4204/5204 Group 1 to 4204/5204 Group 9:

Image 1.JPG

When I select 4204/5204 Group 9, I receive the following error message:

Image 2.JPG

Now, to resolve this issue, I can simply select "Discussions" from the group's navigation menu on the left, and I'm brought to 4204/5204 Group 9's discussions. Not really an issue at this point, because it's an easy fix.

However, some of my instructors who receive that error message do NOT see the group's navigation menu:

Image 3.JPG

In their case, they have to exit the course completely, reenter the class and select the new discussion group that they wish to view. I met with an instructor on Friday to see this issue first-hand and it's pretty odd to say the least.

I've tried using different browsers, private browsers and clearing browsing history to prevent the error message from showing in the first place, but it doesn't fix the problem.

My questions are:

  1. Is anyone else experiencing this error as a result of the interface change?
  2. If so, have you found a solution?







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Yes, I have encountered the very same problem. It is a technical glitch and needs to be fixed.

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