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Program a New Quiz so that answers are released only AFTER the due date/time has passed?

I'm making the switch from Classic to New Quizzes.  I am teaching an online course that uses daily quizzes. I would like to program each quiz so that students get to see their quiz results -- that is, get to see the questions' text, their chosen answers, and the correct answers -- only AFTER the due date has closed, NOT BEFORE. 

However, I don't see a way to do this with New Quizzes.  In the Settings portion of a New Quiz, I do not see a field that says in effect "Reveal answers on [such-and-such date & time]." Is there really no way to program this in a New Quiz?  

Here is a more detailed explanation of what I have mind:  In the "Restrict student result view" portion of Settings for a New Quiz, if I check the boxes that say to show students their chosen answers and the correct answer, then a student will get this information immediately after submitting his/her quiz, even if it is before the due date/time.  But like most instructors (I presume), I don't want ANY student to have access to the correct quiz answers until ALL students have completed their quiz.  Letting quiz answers circulate among students before the due date facilitates cheating.

As far as I can see, I am forced to use the following manual workaround. If I don't want quiz answers to circulate among students before all of them have taken the quiz (that is, before the due date/time has passed), in "Settings" I have to leave the boxes that say "Show student reponse" and "Show correct answer" as UNCHECKED. Then after the due date/time has passed, I have to manually go back into to each quiz's settings and check those "Show..." boxes and republish the quiz, so that students then can see what questions they got right and wrong and what the correct answers are.

Is that really the only way to keep New Quiz answers from circulating before the due date, but reveal them after the due date? 

Surely for centuries instructors have been withholding exam answers until all exams have been completed, and then revealing the answers to students. So, surely a LMS should allow instructors to program their online quizzes/exams to work like this, without a need for cumbersome manual workarounds.

Am I missing something?

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@CraigDuncan You are not missing anything.  Delayed release has not been developed into New Quizzes yet so currently the manual way is the only way to pull this off.

You can follow the New Quizzes development here: (at the bottom are a bunch of links)  New Quizzes End of Quarter Update - Q1 2022 - Instructure Community

I know this has come up several times before so hopefully it makes it on the roadmap 😀

Hope this helps!



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It seems very strange to me that such basic functionality is missing, especially given that the "New Quiz" format is meant to be an improvement over Classic Quizzes.

I'm not optimistic about this functionality being added any time soon.  For instance, here is a four-page-long Canvas Community thread with 65 commenters making this same complaint about quizzes. The thread is nearly three years old, so the Canvas folks have known about this issue for a while.    😞


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Hello @CraigDuncan 

I completely agree. I totally get wanting to have this option for New Quizzes since the Classic Quizzes engine has it available. I was able to find THIS idea presented on New Quizzes: Show and Hide Quiz Results by Date. 

I don't honestly know why this functionality was left out for New Quizzes. Seems like it might have something to do with New Quizzes and it's LTI functionality(build page).

I am hopeful that this will be part of a new release for New Quizzes in the future. I apologize for the inconvenience on this limitation