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Push content directly into home and syllabus sections

Hi Team,

I am importing course into canvas which is getting added into modules sections and which is working fine. But what i want is when i import a course in a canvas then a content specific for home section and a content specific for syllabus section should get added to the respective sections automatically. which is not happening currently. How can i do that or i have to create a content for these sections manually?

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@ranjith_valliye It sounds like you are exporting a full course package from some other tool/system.  If this is the case, the export would need to follow the IMS standards for course packages and thus provide the correct framework for Canvas (or any LMS that follows IMS standards) to import into those areas.

If you take one of your Canvas courses and export it, you will see it exports as a .imscc file.  You should be able to change that extension to a .zip and then extract the folder to see all the pieces that make up an IMS common cartridge file.  You will see a certain structure that IMS uses.

There re probably others in this forum that know more about how it all works.