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So I am still using Classic Quizzes, and I have a course with many, many low-stakes quizzes, which draw from Question Banks.

Every semester, I import content using "select content" and I choose the Modules I want. I have not selected "Question Banks" because I thought they that just migrate over with the Modules.

So, for the course I'm setting up for Fall 2024, the Classic Quizzes still work, but when I click on Question Banks to edit them, only half a dozen banks are listed.

Should i just go to an old course (at least one year ago) and import the Question Banks. Or, is that going to cause a greater headache? All I want to do is edit a handful of questions.


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Hello @SusanNiemeyer 

Yes you'll want to bring over all of the question banks - there is no harm in bringing them all over. If you don't use them, it's no problem as they won't mess up any of your quizzes. Feel free to go back to import existing content and "select specific content" and bring the question banks over. You can either only bring over the ones you're missing or bring over all of them. They only exist under the "question banks" page and you likely won't see them unless you navigate there or are choosing a new question group. Hopefully this helps! 

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