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I've created a question bank in a course and can access it.  I have two roles, teacher and designer.  Others in the course can not access the question bank, their role is designer.  Do they need a teacher role in order to use the question bank?


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Community Coach

Hello there, @AdrienneScott ...

It's possible that this may be a permissions setting that you need to talk with your school's local Canvas administrator about.  In the "Permissions" screen, within the "Course Roles" tab, there is a row for "Question banks - view and link".  It's possible that your Canvas admins may have this turned off for the "Designer" role and turned on for the "Teacher" role.  But, this will need to be a discussion you have with your Canvas admin.  Here are the admin "Roles and Permissions" Guides that will be of help.

Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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