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buttom add model not appear

I am a teacher with thE next accreditations:

-Academy Cloud Foundations

-Academy Machine Learning Foundations

-Academy Learner Lab - Foundation Services

I have created a class of Learner Lab - Foundation Services and I want to add modules but not appear the buttom to add

What could happen? Do I need special permission for it?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi David,

I see that you are enrolled in two courses with "Learner Lab - Foundation Services" in the course title.  One of the courses is completed and you are enrolled in it as a student.  The course course has you enrolled as a teacher and that class is not completed.  Is is possible that you were trying to add a module in the course where you are enrolled as a student?


First at all , Thanks a lot for your response but I am trying to add module in the course that I am teacher. Even so , I don't have the buttom to add module. It seems I didn't have the right permissions to have this option.

Is it possible?

Thanks a lot

King Regards

Hello there, @DavidCarvajal ...

Without being able to see the contents of your course (we only have access to our own Canvas environments at our own school), it is a little difficult to help diagnose this issue.  I suppose it could be possible that your school's local Canvas administrator would have a permission turned off to not let you create course modules on your own, but I'm not sure of that reasoning.  That would probably be a discussion you'd need to have with your Canvas administrator to inquire more about.  You could also reach out to the folks at the Canvas Help Desk.  They would be able to log into your course with you to take a look at how things are configured.  They may be able to better troubleshoot why you don't have the button(s) you are looking for.  And, just to confirm, you are trying to follow the steps in this Guide, correct?  How do I add a module? - Instructure Community

Please keep Community members posted on this ... so that we know if the Help Desk was able to figure things out with you.  Thanks!