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I am looking for an easy way to retrieve a listing of courses that have Quizzes (Classic and New) set up in our school's Canvas instance. What would be the most easy way to generate this info? I am only looking for course id, name and a yes or no column that outlines whether graded quizes were enabled within the course.

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Community Coach

@AlSu, I'm assuming you are an admin for your Canvas instance? If so, you should have access to Admin Analytics (reach out to your CSM if not!). Using the Course Dashboard in there, you can see how many courses use various features, including Classic and New Quizzes. 



If you click on the bar for the feature you are interested in, it'll provide you with a scrollable and downloadable spreadsheet about which courses use that feature and how many times they use it!

Screenshot 2024-04-17 091802.png

So you won't get the full list of all courses and a yes/no for the feature; instead just a spreadsheet of those that do use it.

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