Quiz questions marked as "Unanswered" when answered with 0

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We have found a glitch with the "Show one question at a time" option. If you select this option in a quiz with Numerical Answer, formula question or Fill in the blanks type of questions, answering with 0 will mark them unanswered in the sidebar.

When a student attempt to submit the quiz, an alert comes up saying "You have x unanswered questions" where x is the number of questions answered with 0 minus the last question (if answered with a 0).

Has anyone encountered this issue?
I have also attached a screenshot, where the professor has answered 1 for odd questions, and 0 for even questions in the Student View. Also, it has happened on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

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Good catch, I had missed that step the first time through.

When "One question at a time" is checked, it does mark it as being completed for that question, but as soon as you move on to the next question, it resets the summary and shows that the question has not been answered.

I would file a help ticket with Canvas and report it as a problem. This is not the expected behavior.

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