Quizzes: add another attempt for 200+ students, not by selecting 50 students at a time...

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Is it possible to give ALL 200+ students in a course one more attempt for a quiz with a few simple mouse clicks?

I'm aware of the following procedure: Go to the quiz - Click on "Moderate this quiz". At the top is a selection box in front of "Student", which selects the first 50 students, scroll down and apply for an extra quiz attempt; then I have to go to the next 'page' with 50 students and do all this again, and then go to 'page' 3 with 50 students etc. etc.

Isn't there a quicker method to tell Canvas to give ALL 200+ students an extra attempt?

Thank you.

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If you're trying to give all the students 2 attempts instead or 1, or 3 instead of 2, etc., you can just edit the quiz settings to "Allow multiple attempts" and then set the number of attempts.  This works even if students have already taken the quiz.


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