Regrade multiple-choice question in an item bank in New Quizzes

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I think I already know the answer to this question but I thought I would double-check. Per the Canvas guides, in order to award students full credit for a question in New Quizzes, you have to go into Speedgrader, then go into an individual student's attempt, locate the question in question, select regrade, and follow the prompts to award full credit.

However, if a question is pulled from an item bank, this process does not work well. The Quiz and Item Analysis report tells you how many students answered a question incorrectly, but does not tell you WHO answered the question incorrectly. 

My question is, if you want to regrade a question pulled from an item bank in New Quizzes, do you really have to hunt through individual student attempts in Speedgrader until you find the question you wish to regrade?

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Community Coach

You are correct, @schw0814. I see on the roadmap displayed on the  New Quizzes Hub that Instructure has future plans for detailed student analysis reports. I find that the student analysis reports in Classic Quizzes are an easier way to find out which answer each student provided to each question than going through the SpeedGrader.

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